Get Ready To Look Horrendous

Aug 28, 14

Posted by in Halloween Fancy Dress

The chill is creeping back into the air and the thoughts of the fancy dress fan are turning to one of the biggest occasions of the year – Halloween. Where once only a few die-hard fans celebrated this spooky spectacular, these days October 31st has firmly established itself on the British party calendar. One of the reasons it...

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Great Fancy Dress Ideas For A Hen Party

Aug 15, 14 Great Fancy Dress Ideas For A Hen Party

Posted by in Ladies Fancy Dress

It is standard practice to dress up for hen parties, and the variety and quality of costumes available keeps expanding. Dressing up for hen parties is a great idea – not only does it add to the fun, but it adds to the spirit of the group, and also lets everyone know you’re there and ready to party! Below is a list of some of...

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Lord’s Cricket Grounds And The Usual Afternoon Tea

Apr 29, 13 Lord’s-Cricket-Grounds-And-The-Usual-Afternoon-Tea

Posted by in Summer, Summer, Summer

Upon its inaugural opening in the year 2011, the usual Afternoon Tea has evolved into a permanent event at the Lord’s Cricket Ground. For the year 2013, there are at least 8 confirmed reservations to date. A perennial hit since it began, Afternoon Tea at the Lord’s Cricket has and still is providing thousands of guests a way to...

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The Magic Number For Your Spouse – 50 Years

You guessed right, it is indeed a milestone for a husband or wife to reach 50 years of age in this day and age. Call it magic number or milestone you just have to have a 50th birthday party as the day is close at hand. In doing so zero in on his or her dreams, aspirations, character and physical fitness when planning his or her...

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Making Your 30th Birthday Memorable

Apr 17, 13 Making Your 30th Birthday Memorable

Posted by in Birthday Party, Birthday Party

Reaching the great age 30 is a feat in itself. A lot of not so good things can happen within 30 years so finding yourself breathing and having a life is better than nothing at all. Is it enough reason to throw yourself a never to be forgotten birthday bash? Heck Yeah! If you got kids coming to the party then choose your theme...

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Is It Time To Throw A Costume Party For Adults?

Apr 16, 13 Is It Time To Throw A Costume Party For Adults

Posted by in Costume Party, Costume Party

The first thing that comes to your mind probably when you hear ‘costume party’ is something for the kids. Yet, these days, it is on the contrary as it may even be more popular among adults. Costume parties are a way of bringing up the fun another notch in parties. It is not inconceivable that for a prize or for bragging rights...

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