13 Award Winning Modern Horror Movies Infographic

The infographic below lists some of the greatest horror movies of all time. The infographic provides key information about each movie, the release date, the horror genre, enemies, budget, global gross, US opening weekend, awards, nominations and ratings that each film gained. Have a read through to see just how well some of the...

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Have A Desert Island Disco

Sep 04, 14

Posted by in Costume Party

There is no music festival where fancy dress is more obvious than at September’s Bestival on the Isle of Wight. If you could not make the event itself, however, you can still take inspiration from this year’s Desert Island Disco theme. Chase off the autumn chills by holding your very own disco-themed indoor beach party...

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Great Fancy Dress Ideas For A Stag Doo

Aug 14, 14 Great Fancy Dress Ideas For A Stag Doo

Posted by in Mens Fancy Dress

Stag parties are a time for fun, frolicking and silliness. They are also a time to make the groom feel daft and faintly humiliated (in a good-natured way of course). A well-chosen fancy dress costume can help on every single one of these points. The groom-to-be may plan to dress up in advance, or he may be suddenly presented with...

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Lord’s Cricket Grounds And The Usual Afternoon Tea

Apr 29, 13 Lord’s-Cricket-Grounds-And-The-Usual-Afternoon-Tea

Posted by in Summer, Summer, Summer

Upon its inaugural opening in the year 2011, the usual Afternoon Tea has evolved into a permanent event at the Lord’s Cricket Ground. For the year 2013, there are at least 8 confirmed reservations to date. A perennial hit since it began, Afternoon Tea at the Lord’s Cricket has and still is providing thousands of guests a way to...

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Wimbledon And Its Prestige

Apr 26, 13 Wimbledon-And-Its-Prestige

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When several highly recognizable tennis players from both genders were asked about which tennis tournament they did consider as the best, their collective answer was Wimbledon. So, inquisitive minds would then ask, “What is it that makes the tournament exceptionally prestigious?” Officially known as “The Championships at...

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Britain – Weekend Leisure Ideas

Apr 25, 13 Britain-Weekend-Leisure-Ideas

Posted by in Featured, Summer

When the Brits plan to have a leisurely weekend with some sightseeing, London is the automatic destination and no one can blame them. From January to December you can find all sorts of entertainment like seeing comedy shows, historical artifacts in museums, dancing and singing in festivals, etc. Very popular among classical music...

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