Fun Ways to Commemorate Easter

In some 6 weeks Easter will be upon us once again and you may be thinking whether to celebrate in the traditional way or to add a modern twist what you have grown accustomed to. If your kids have traditionally donned Easter costumes during the event, maybe you should ask them if they still want to do the same thing this year. Most...

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The Dark Knight And His Sidekick Costume

The Dark Knight Costume… This pair of superheroes has been popular since first introduced in the late 1930’s by DC comics.  Who wouldn’t recognize this pair after having saved Gotham City no less than a thousand times. This is why costumes inspired by this pair are as popular as ever. Double the fun is having two people...

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Dress Up for Charity – Using Your Favorite Costume

Feb 12, 13 red-nose-day-bee-costume

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Red Nose Day Charity… It is almost that time of the year again for us to conjure up ways to do some fundraising during the Red Nose Day and make it another successful undertaking. While everyone else you know are scrambling for fantastic ways to raise funds and are having a great time finding sponsors, you could be feeling...

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